Healthy and Homemade Baby Food 

Making the Best for Your Very Best


Taste See Healthy Baby Food educates parents on how to prepare healthy and homemade foods for their little ones in early childhood – babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Parents participate in informative and interactive classes, and personalized in-home cooking workshops. Taste See Healthy Baby Food shares food safety, food guidelines, and cooking skills. There are recipes for all developmental stages given – baby food, finger foods, small bites, and more! The food suggestions are for the pureed method and the baby-led weaning method. Information shared with parents is based on recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

 Taste See Healthy Baby Food has workshops in the convenience of the family’s kitchen. Parents get to explore age-appropriate food combinations and prepare up to a 4 week supply of pureed homemade baby food with consistency and texture.  A in-home workshop will result in a freezer full of nutritious healthy and homemade baby food for their little one! Learn one-on-one, as a couple, or with a group of friends. It can be a date night, afternoon brunch or a moms night out. Check out our Moms Group special!

Taste See Healthy Baby Food provides guidance and support to empower parents. They expand their knowledge of the best foods available to their family by participating in a class or in-home workshop. A gift certificate inspires parents to improve their family’s future health, beginning with their smallest family member – their baby.  It’s a life changing gift and perfect for new moms, moms-to-be and for upcoming baby showers!

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