Cheryl Carey, MSW – Early Childhood Educator dedicated to the safety, protection and health of growing children including infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

About Taste and See Healthy Baby Food

Welcome! Are you searching on-line for answers about introducing solid foods to your baby? If so, I’m glad that you have found Taste & See Healthy Baby Food.  You can spend lots of hours reading books and searching websites, or you could take a few minutes to learn about the personalized resources available to you here.

What to feed and when are the two main concerns of parents. For the past four years I have taught instructional classes and hands-on workshops in the home to parents wanting to learn how to provide the best- healthiest start possible for their baby. Here is the great news! Taste & See Healthy Baby Food offers information about nutrition, advice on feeding your baby from weaning to preschool, recipes and tips, and basic cooking skills to help you. Whether you are a beginner or a chef in the kitchen and whether you are a first-time or third-time parent there is an opportunity for you to learn more about nutrition. You can learn about healthy foods for your family as you prepare them for the youngest family member! 

The nutrition given to our children during early childhood is so important for positive growth and development! They need the healthiest foods that will promote growth and build their immune system. Investing in a healthy beginning can protect your baby from obesity and illnesses as a growing child and adult. 

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My Story

My sister-in-law, Mercedes, and I shared the experience of raising our sons. My nephew Julian and my son Caleb were born less than two days apart! We shared in the journey of discovery and learning about the variety of healthy foods that we could offer to them. It was important to us for Julian and Caleb to have the healthiest start possible.

As a first-time parent, I found myself with more questions than answers about when and how to introduce solid food to my son. I turned to my family, friends, books, and on-line resources for answers, but found that just as I finally knew what to do for Caleb, he was moving on to the next phase! My search for answers took up precious time I could have spent with my son as an infant. I learned so much about the variety of food available to my family as I expanded the foods I offered to my son during the different stages.

In January 2011, I founded Taste & See Healthy Baby Food. Throughout my experience with Caleb, I thought about how parents could benefit from a resource designed to educate them about introducing healthy, fresh, and homemade food EARLY in the process rather than as they went along. Honestly, I wish this guidance was available to me during Caleb’s first year!

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My Background

In addition to having a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in social work from Texas State University, I have more than 20 years of working with families and caregivers in various roles with the Texas Department of Protective Services.

In years past, my commitment was to the safety, protection and well-being of children. My experience with the introduction of foods to Caleb from the time he was an infant to preschool age expanded my commitment to include early childhood nutrition. 

I combine my love for cooking and my experience of introducing foods at each stage into instructional classes and hands-on cooking workshops for parents. As we learn to make the healthiest choices for our babies, we can change the health, nutrition, and the future of our families. 

In June 2014, I founded Safe Care Consulting to provide training for parents, caregivers  and child care providers about risk factors for children, nutrition for infants and toddlers, and reducing risk in child care settings. I offer suggestions on how to reduce risk in child care settings based on my eight years experience as a Child Care Investigator for Child Care Licensing and experience in early childhood classrooms.

Registered Trainer: Texas Trainer Registry – Trainer #1947

Current Certifications:  

Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach,

Child Care Health Consultant,

Eco-Healthy Child Care Trainer,

Food Handler Safety,


For additional information:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/cherylcareymsw