Finger Foods and Lunch Box Ideas Registration

fingerfoodsThe transition from purees to chunky purees, softer foods and even finger foods can be sort of scary to parents.

At this stage, children like to explore foods that vary in presentation, color, size, texture, consistency, and taste.  But, where to begin?!

If this sounds like you, then Finger Foods and Lunch Box Ideas is just what you need!
Join us at Baby Earth in Round Rock on Sunday September 25th from 12- 1:15 PM where you will learn:


  • How to determine baby’s readiness to transition beyond purees
  • The best time to introduce larger food items
  • Creative and fun age appropriate food choices for lunches and snacks
  • Food preparation + cooking methods
  • Food storage

Plus, each attendee walks away with FREE recipes that you can re-create and adapt at home, as well as useful information about purchasing foods.

The quality of food given during early childhood is important to future growth and development. Feel more confident about preparing homemade food that is both nutritious and delicious for growing babies and toddlers.

Sign up today for Finger Foods and Lunch Box Ideas!

Price: $35 per person, $50 per couple and $18 per person for group of 3 or more. (friend, spouse, neighbor, etc.)

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