Easy Nutrition with Juice Plus

Healthy JuiceTaste & See Healthy Baby Food not only teaches new parents about the healthiest choices for their little one but encourages parents to take care of their individual present and future health. We all want to feel better… look better and live longer. Consider taking the prevention approach because its a better choice than a treatment approach!

Ask yourself…

  • How do I feel now – emotionally, mentally and physically?
  • Could I feel better?
  • Does my diet consist of enough fruits, vegetables and grains?
  • Could I bridge the gap between my diet and the recommended servings?
  • Will I be proactive and improve my nutrition and health?
  • Will I strive for PREVENTION instead of TREATMENT?

Learn About JuicePlus+ Whole Food Nutrition

Juice Plus+ is a whole food based nutritional supplement. Juice Plus+ contains naturally occurring phytonutrients from the fruits and vegetables themselves and unlike traditional vitamin supplements.

Juice Plus+ offers the nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Orchard Blend:
Acerola Cherry

Garden Blend:
Oat Bran
Rice Bran



The Benefits

Juice Plus+ is simple, convenient and affordable! It does not take the place of having fruits, vegetables and grains in your diet. Instead, it makes up the difference for what is missing in your diet and provides you with added nutrition. It is clinically proven to be beneficial for your health!

1391825_10153308201075099_1115677189_nThe Benefits include:
1) Delivers key phytonutrients that are absorbed by the body.
2) Reduces oxidative stress.
3) Positively impacts markers of systemic inflammation.
4) Helps support a healthy immune system.
5) Helps protect DNA.

Ask about the Children’s Healthy Study for children 4-years-old up to college students. Learn how a child can receive Juice Plus+ for a year.

My JuicePlus+ Story

CareyFamilyLiving Life to the Plus 
for me began when I married my husband and began to think about ways to improve our health and nutrition. I realized how little I knew about fruits, vegetables and grains when I had to take care of my stepson and then my little boy. As a new mom I had to quickly learn about introducing solid foods to Caleb in the first year. This phase was exciting but also overwhelming as I strived to provide him with the best nutrition and to also improve the overall nutrition for our family.

Through research I learned about the recommended 9-13 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. My reality was I fell short of getting the fruits and vegetables I needed to be healthy and stay healthy. In the first year, I was emotionally, mentally and physically tired as I struggled as a new mom working full-time and taking care of a baby. There was not enough time in the day to eat right and take care of myself… all my attention went to taking care of my husband, stepson and my baby. I began to search for quick and easy ways to improve my overall health and nutrition. A friend introduced me to Juice Plus+ and I placed my first order in June 2011.

My husband and I tried Juice Plus+ Garden and Orchard capsules. We noticed a difference in our overall well-being. I can personally share that even when I was tired after a full day, I felt good physically and I had the energy to keep going. I felt alert and able to go to work and take care of my family. Overall, I felt really good! I then replaced my on-the-go somewhat healthy breakfast with a healthy and satisfying Juice Plus Complete protein shake in the morning.