Moms Group Special

Moms Love Homemade Baby Food

group of young women on coffee break Taste & See Healthy Baby Food encourages mothers be in a supportive community with other moms. Many moms enjoy spending time with friends and sharing experiences. Our in-home workshop is a fun opportunity for mothers to learn together how to offer healthy foods to their little ones.   Each mom prepares homemade baby food and takes home up to a 4-week supply for their baby.

Moms have fun cooking together!

The homemade baby food offers their baby a healthy start!

  For this reason, we are offering a MOMS SPECIAL if you: 1. Start or become a member of a group geared towards moms (community, church, online, facebook, etc…) 2. Share with moms the services offered by Taste & See Healthy Baby Food and invite them to join you for an in-home cooking lesson or informational session. 3. Receive the MOMS SPECIAL when your group of 3 to 6 moms register for a hands-on workshop.

Cost: $40.00 per person