Baby Food and Nutrition Services

Taste and See Healthy Baby Food has instructional classes and hands-on workshops aimed at teaching parents about nutritious homemade food for their children.  

Parents benefit from information about nutrition, advice on feeding your baby from weaning to preschool, recipes and tips, cooking skills and helps parents to make delicious homemade foods.

Join  Cheryl Carey for an introductory or specialty level class, held each month at various locations around Austin. Check the calendar for upcoming events!

Schedule a private hands-on workshop in your home today! Invite a neighbor, partner, or  fellow parent to join you. Check the list of upcoming workshops here.

The Benefits of our Services

Guidance, Support and the Undivided Attention from Educator

1005496_534819386571704_392300159_nOur comfortable and friendly in-home cooking lessons and workshops provide an overview of introducing solids.  Not only do we answer questions and share a bundle of helpful information from your own copy of our lesson guides, we also assist you with making your first batch of homemade baby food. This is one of greatest advantages—a 4-week supply of baby food prepared just for your baby!

Foundation of Knowledge – Answers to Your Questions

Learn Valuable Information such as:

Selecting Commercial Baby Foods • Purees or Baby Led Weaning • Nutritional Basics • Organic vs. Nonorganic • First Foods • Preparation Tips • Cooking Tips • Serving Tips • Child Development • Food Allergies • Digestive Issues • Beyond Purees • Finger Foods • Transition to Table Foods • Super Eater Snacks and Meals • The Picky Eater • Real World Food Choices • Cost Savings Tips • Shopping Tips • Transitioning with Caregivers • Resource List

Variety of learning opportunities – Private and Group

Introducing solids to your baby is an exciting time, but this transition may also feel a bit overwhelming. You will have a lot of questions when it is time to begin. One of the most important questions you will have as a parent is whether to use commercial baby food or to make homemade baby food. Making your own baby food is a fun, easy, reliable, and a healthy experience you share together.

Meal Planning that Results in Cost Savings

You save money; not only in the cost of the actual food, but in the nutrient ratio as well.
You get more nutrients for you dollar and your baby gets more nutrients for his growing body.

The amount spent on services will help the parent to make better choices when buying food and to do it themselves. A jar of baby food begins at a cost of $.59 up to $1.50. Your baby’s appetite will grow and you will offer two jars per meal for three meals a day, and there will be snacks in between. During this period you can spend up to $10.00 day for between 4 to 6 months if not longer. The store bought brands can cost about $500 or more. Taste & See Healthy Baby Food can teach you how to make your own and how to cut cost to where you spend about one third of the cost.

(Here is some additional information if you want it)

Time Management Strategies for Working and Stay-Home Parents

After a cooking demonstration with Taste & See Healthy Baby Food you will learn the benefits of nutritious homemade baby food, and see how a little extra planning and time in the kitchen gives your baby the BEST! You’ll feel more confident about how to make homemade baby food, what is safe to serve, how is it prepared and stored, and when you should consider buying organic. You will be able to provide your baby with the healthiest and most enjoyable experience with their first foods. You will know what your baby is eating, because YOU MADE IT!

It is true that the first year will fly by quickly. We encourage you to make the most of your time with your baby and make time to enjoy homemade baby food. Demonstrate your love by taking an active role in your baby’s first food experiences as you teach them about the world of delicious tastes and textures.