I’m so excited to start making little finger food choices for my baby now….but of course I’ve only been making baby food and didn’t even take a peek at your info on finger foods lol.   Your service is amazing and has been such a blessing to our family!!!

Thank you for what you do,


“I loved all the information that you had available for me from the baby food to the groups and events that are local for moms. Making the baby food together was great also it was so helpful to see how to do things and the different stages of baby food.” 

“I would absolutely recommend Taste & See to others. I have already started talking about it.”~ Marlene

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“Before the lesson, I felt unsure and uneducated about introducing Gus to solids. After the lesson I feel knowledgeable and empowered and excited!”  ~ Jennifer

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“I loved the in-home lesson.  I was able to envision myself cooking better and healthier because I was in my own kitchen.”

“Yes, I would absolutely recommend Taste & See Healthy Baby Food to my friends.  I thought it was going to be just a “cooking” lesson so all of the other information that I learned was a huge bonus.” ~ Tara

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Thanks so much, Cheryl!  It makes me so happy to already have some tasty foods ready to go for when we start our baby on solids next month.  Thank you for helping me accomplish that!  I love knowing exactly what’s in his foods and that it’s all stuff that I would eat myself! ~ Cameron

Lakeway Moms group collageAllison was motivated to participate in the in-home moms’ group cooking lesson to better educate herself about how to feed her baby.  Allison was overwhelmed with the amount of information available. She wanted a better understanding of how to manage all of the information to best meet the needs of her baby and family.

Allison considers herself a beginner cook.  She learned that cooking for her baby really is simple and easy to do.  It takes some planning, but is manageable. Allison is a hands on learner, so the actual cooking of the food was good for her to be part of and observe.  Allison enjoyed the personal interaction and relaxed atmosphere of learning together.

Allison was asked if other parents should participate in an in-home lesson. She answered, “I definitely think other moms should participate in an in-home cooking lesson.  I feel much more confident about cooking for my baby.  I had so much fun participating and learning from you.  Thank you so much for a fun, interactive, and educational time!”


Amanda liked getting a jump start to her baby’s healthy eating habits and spending time with friends. She learned what/how to start feeding her baby, what foods to feed/not feed, how to store, and how to serve food. She also liked the New Taste & Textures guide and the information it offered. Amanda enjoyed having mommy time with friends. She also thought preparing a month of food was amazing!

Amanda was asked if she would refer others to an in-home lesson. She answered, “Yes, if I had not I would have participated in one then I would be googling and giving Piper the same foods over and over.  Taking a lesson makes you put it on the calendar and set time away to make it happen!”


Teresa participated in an in-home lesson because she knew there were likely several bits of information she was missing in her own home baby food prep and wanted to know more about the process. Teresa wanted to learn how to make food for her baby in an efficient, healthful manner. Teresa learned what each stage texture looks like, she learned you have to cook apples before blending and she learned about using the steam water for blending.  Teresa also learned when to add formula or milk to the baby’s food.  Teresa really liked getting together with the other mom’s and sharing their experiences.  She also liked working as a team to make so much food!

Teresa was asked if she thought other parents should participate in a lesson. She answered, “Yes. They would have the same opportunity to fill any knowledge gaps about the process and realize how easy it is to prepare their baby’s food vs. buying processed foods.”

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Inez really wanted to make sure and give her baby organic baby food and she thought it would be cheaper to make it than buy it. She also wanted to know that she was giving her baby the best ingredients. Inez did not know where to start. She bought a baby food maker, several cookbooks, etc. but she really wanted to take the in-home lesson to help increase her confidence in being able to do it. When Inez found the Taste & See Healthy Baby Food website, she was delighted to see that someone offered lessons to teach others how to make baby food. Inez was happy with what she learned from the in-home lesson and the New Taste & Texture guide as both answered many of her questions.

Inez loved doing the in-home lesson with other moms because it made it fun. She loved being able to take home the baby food they had prepared to use immediately. They were not just reading about how to make it but they were actually making it which helped them learn more. Inez describes herself as a visual learner so the demonstration and hands on way of learning was better for her. The lesson gave her the confidence to make baby food on her own.

Inez was asked if she thought others should participate in an in-home lesson. She answered, “I think this is a great class for parents who want to learn how to make their baby food but are unsure about where to start. You can buy books that show you how to do it, but taking the class offers a hands on approach and you get immediate feedback from Cheryl Carey about whether the baby food is the right consistency and texture for your baby. The cookbooks don’t teach you that. Also, it was nice going through this learning process with other moms because we were all learning together. I think it would benefit other moms by helping them learn how to make healthy baby food for their babies and save money in the long run.”  She also shared, “I read the New Taste & Texture guide and it answered every question I had and gave me so much more information. It had a wealth of information for a first time mom making baby food. It solidified the importance of buying organic and making your own baby food with so much great evidence!”


Karen wanted to learn how to prepare healthy meals for her son. Also, to learn the right way to start solids and have the right texture to the food. Karen learned the texture of the food that she had been feeding her son was wrong and that it is easier than she thought to make fresh food for him.  Karen liked how easy it was to make the food for her baby.

Karen was asked if she thought others should participate in an in-home lesson. She answered, “Definitely! I already have recommended the class to a couple of my other mummy friends that have younger babies. I think the whole idea of making fresh baby food is scary, and having all the information you can find online can be overwhelming, so having the hands on training was really helpful.”


Kerry participated in the in-home moms’ group lesson because she wanted to be fully equipped and prepared to make her own baby food once her baby  is ready to start solids. Kerry wanted to learn

tips/tricks of making her own baby food (quickly, efficiently, etc.), what foods to introduce when, and how to safely starting solids with baby. Kerry learned how to prepared homemade baby food in a way that maintained nutrients. She also learned how to get the appropriate texture and consistency for her baby’s purees. Kerry thought doing the lesson with other moms was fun, and having it be hands on lesson is really nice. Kerry felt the in-home lesson was very informative.  Kerry is excited for when her baby will be ready to start solids and she will have the New Taste & Textures guide ready to use as a reference.

Kerry was asked if she thought others should participate in an in-home lesson. She answered, “Yes I do, and there is a lot of information out there and various opinions on what to do for starting solids. This in-home lesson gives moms a solid foundation to start off with and a feel of confidence that they are providing their babies with the best healthy food.”

My favorite lessons are at the local farmers market! Christine and I went through the Beyond Purees Guide and then walked around the Cedar Park Farmers Market to select fresh fruits and vegetable s that she could use to make homemade food. It was a beautiful day. I’m glad we started early because it did get hot!


Jane was motivated to take the New Taste & Textures Lesson and the Super Eaters Lesson because she wanted to do better at introducing healthy foods to her infant son than she did with her toddler son. Jane knew she needed help and turned to Taste & See Healthy Baby Food support and guidance.  She feels the lessons made her feel more confident in her kitchen.  Jane recommends other parents take the lessons because they can benefit from the information and resources shared instead of doing all the research themselves.  She did not have enough time and energy to do it herself and appreciated that she gained a “jumping off point.” Jane looks forward to improving the health of her family.


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