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One of the biggest challenges in the early years with our children is learning how to manage time. Preparing meals for the family is just one task of many to complete in a days’ work. Taste & See Healthy Baby Food has a few TIME SAVING TIPS or you might say SURVIVAL STRATEGIES for moms in the kitchen.

Instead of spending hours reading books and searching on the internet, let Taste & See Healthy Baby Food provide you with support and guidance. Our in-home workshops include hands on cooking demonstrations, nutritious recipes, and helpful resources that empower parents to prepare healthy meals for their children.

Taste & See Healthy Baby Food does more than teach parents how to make baby food, it provides a foundation for parents to learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

1. Self Care
As you enter into the kitchen let it be a reminder to STOP and ask yourself “What am I doing to take care of myself?”, “Did I eat healthy today?” and “Do the foods that I eat cause me to feel tired or give me energy?” These questions are important because you have to take care of yourself if you are going to be able to take care of your family.

2. Simplify
It’s normal for you to have a ongoing and never ending list of things-to-do on your mind. As moms, we have to be intentional on how we spend our time. Keep meals easy and simple. Do not feel the need to prepare gourmet meals but instead focus on preparing healthy meals.

3. Organize
The first and second year with your baby involves preparing and introducing a variety of foods. A calendar will help you to keep track of the dates for food preparation, food storage, food introduction, and any food reactions.  Write a list of activities that you need to complete weekly. Include meal planning with a list of ingredients and kitchen supplies that you will need to prepare homemade food.  Avoid multiple trips to the grocery store!

4. Plan ahead
Establish routines with your baby that gives you the ability to set aside time for preparing homemade foods. This may be during sleep or play periods. Keep on hand recipes, ingredients, and kitchen supplies so you will be ready to prepare foods when there is an opportunity. Keep everything in its place in the kitchen so you do not lose time trying to find what you need for meal preparation.  Be fair to yourself when planning your times – nap time is for moms and babies.

5. Multitask
If you are preparing purees, finger foods or family meals, prepare extra, label and freeze for future use. The freezer is your friend, and so are Sharpies. Exploit your kitchen by using several cooking methods at one time to prepare a variety of food.

6. Spend Time Teaching Your Older Child
It can seem easier to to do things yourself, but in the long term this is not going to give you any more time. By spending time teaching your child to do simple tasks for themselves will increase their self confidence and build their independence.

7. Be Ready to Go
In the morning set out frozen foods to thaw in the refrigerator that will be ready for meal times.  Use homemade foods as the primary source of nutrition for your baby. For those times you have to leave your home unexpectedly have store bought food in the pantry ready to go. Take time to research baby food companies and read product labels when selecting foods for your baby.

8. Ask for Help
Are you trying to do everything yourself? There is so much to do and learn once you become a mom! Be willing to ask for help and to share with others how you are doing and feeling. Let your partner, family, and friends know if there are tasks that can be shared and if you are in need of help.

9. Accept Help
Do you answer “yes” or say “no” when someone offers you help? It’s exciting to watch your baby grow and develop in the early years. Imagine if less time was spent learning as you go and trying to do it all yourself. What if you could have more time to enjoy your baby? Try saying “yes” and let the support and guidance of others make your parenting experience even better.

10. Have Fun
Are you familiar with the adage, “The days seem long, but the years go fast?”  There are moments that make you wonder if you will survive parenthood! There is good news! Looking back most of what you will remember is the love and happiness that you shared with your baby. When preparing meals consider it a act of love and have fun in the kitchen! You are preparing healthy meals that will give your baby an appreciation for fresh foods, promote growth and development, and future wellness!

What survival strategies do you have as a parent in the kitchen?
Save time learning about healthy foods for your baby by scheduling a hands-on-workshop in your own home!  



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